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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Brotherly love

So, just who is running the Labour Party really? I only ask because now that Ed Miliband's brother, David has decided to speak out and question the direction of the party any authority the leader once had appears to be dissipating.

The Independent reports that the former Foreign Secretary is more than a bit disconcerted at the way his brother is doing his job.

David has called on Labour to admit "loud and clear" what it got wrong while it was in power and urged the party to embrace radical public- service reform. It is an attempt to arrest the leftward drift of Labour and pull it back to the Blairist agenda that saw it achieve unprecedented electoral success.

Whether a policy change of this nature would be enough is difficult to judge. After all Tony Blair was a young charismatic leader in touch with the public psyche. Ed Miliband on the other hand....
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