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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The word according to Michael Gove

What is it about Michael Gove and public funds? Firstly, he moots the idea of the nation buying a new yacht for the Royal family to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee only to be forced into back-pedalling by Clegg's 'yachts and have-yachts' remark into setting up a private trust fund instead. Now, his initiative to send personally engraved bibles to English schools has run into similar problems.

Yesterday's Guardian says that the plan by the education secretary, to send a copy of the King James Bible to every school in the country, each including a personal inscription from him, has run into trouble after government sources reported he has been told to find private funding for the project.

They say that David Cameron has told Gove that while he supported the idea, the education secretary should avoid using taxpayers' money for it. But Gove has yet to find a private philanthropic sponsor for the enterprise, and some Whitehall sources said he has been told he cannot distribute the book until he does so, leaving thousands of copies in a warehouse abroad.

The Department of Education dispute the story saying that enough public cash is available to press ahead and that No 10 had merely indicated that "sponsorship was desirable". Still, one is left wondering why Michael Gove insists on embarking on these madcap ideas when he would do better concentrating on managing England's education system.
Isn't Grove Bible plan for English schools only?

Shouldn't a member of the Welsh assembly make this clear.

Can't see Leighton Andrews falling suit though
It seems some Tories manage to get up your nose, Peter.

Most of them get up mine.

One wonders where the party finds such people. Is there an alien planet somewhere...?
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