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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unintended journeys

We have all heard stories about people falling asleep on the train or bus and ending up in the wrong place, or even getting on the wrong vehicle and finding oneself travelling in the wrong direction. However, I am not so sure I have ever come across somebody inadvertently finding themselves on the way to the South Pole before.

Today's Telegraph reports that a marine mechanic was reportedly working on an anchor aboard the 52ft Nilaya in Auckland harbour, when the yacht hurriedly cast off as immigration officials tried to serve deportation papers on the skipper, Jarle Andhoy, 34:

Mr Andhoy and three crew members have embarked on an unpermitted voyage to Antarctica's Ross Sea, in defiance of both the Norwegian and New Zealand governments.

A previous trip he made to Antarctica almost a year ago ended in disaster when his yacht Berserk sank in a fierce storm and three men died.

Declaring himself "a Viking", the Norwegian adventurer says he is seeking the wreckage of the Berserk, which was serving as a supply ship for an attempt to reach the South Pole on quad bikes.

New Zealand authorities, who co-ordinated an extensive search and rescue operation last year in which Mr Andhoy and a companion were airlifted to safety, are furious about his return voyage.

Given that the workman does not have the appropriate clothing and the ship itself does not have a beacon so that rescue services can find it, this appears to be a particularly hazardous trip for the unwilling traveller.
They should be quite safe if they are handed over at the UK or United States polar bases.

It's very cold in the South Pole on this type of rendition.

Water boarding torture is impossible, as it would turn to ice.
sounds like a 'false imprisonment' case to me.
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