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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Having political oversight of the Welsh Assembly's ICT services is by no means a trouble-free job. Things do go wrong occasionally and I bear the brunt of complaints.

Fortunately, in one of the World's most switched on legislatures, technophobia is not a problem I have to deal with. This may not be the case elsewhere as illustrated in the Daily Mail:

As if spending £13,000 on iPads for 20 peers is not bad enough, several of the doddery old boys can’t use them.

They have been phoning for technical help with complex questions such as ‘How do I turn it on?’ and ‘What exactly is an email?’ It’s a wonder they can use a phone.

Labour MP John Mann has evidence of more technophobia.

‘They say we can table parliamentary questions electronically. But you email one office, they print it out, a flunky walks down three flights of stairs to another office and types it all back in. Unbelievable.’

Oh for goshsakes, whose brilliant idea was it to spend that kind of money in an economic crisis on old peers. My 75 year old mum can barely master email much less an iPad, bit too hard to see that one coming.
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