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Monday, January 30, 2012

Pyjamas, morning, noon and night

For those of us lamenting the increasing trend to wear pyjamas outside the home, morning, afternoon or evening, this must be the best story yet.

The BBC report that a social welfare office in Dublin has banned interviewees from wearing pyjamas. A notice has appeared at Damastown social welfare office which warns claimants that "pyjamas are not regarded as appropriate attire when attending Community Welfare Service at these offices". They say that the decision was made after a number of people complained.

This is a step beyond popping to the shops in pyjamas. After all, when you go to a social welfare office you are meant to be seeking work. Who would employ somebody who turned up to an interview in pyjamas?

The BBC reminds us that it is commonplace for parents to be seen on the school run wearing pyjamas, as it is to see nightwear in the local shop or supermarket, but they also point out that the fashion houses of Paris and Milan have gone into servicing in this area. One interviewee reports that he has witnessed people walking around Mayfair in London in their pyjamas.

Where will it end?
Bananas in Pyjamas?
"Where will it end?"

In bed!
If a person is seen walking around Mayfair in pyjamas we might conclude that they are super rich. Y? Because who could afford to live in Mayfair - other than pigeons and escaped budgies. "I mean to say".
"Where will it end?"

Well, having graduated with an advanced science degree from a Scottish university which 'the rumour mill had it' that the last (legal) duel in Scotland took place on its property, I have to say it must be: "tea-cakes at dawn"; 'Heavens nothing else will do'. Currant-on-Currant contact and not an electro-chemical reaction in sight.
Hoots Man - there's pyjamas in my soup.

Ay laddie, I'll take the high road and you wear my pyjamas.
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