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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Placing the blame

You would have thought that with Ed Miliband's leadership in crisis, the Labour Party would be looking to up their game in 2012. Instead, it appears that they are playing a blame game instead, accusing the BBC of failing to properly represent their views. Really?

I doubt that this is the experience of the average person who has a passing interest in politics. In fact, if I were to be pushed I would say that the opposite is true but then I accept that it is a fact of life that the media makes its own rules and that there is little that politicians can do about that unless the media really step out of line.

The Observer says that Labour chiefs have written to the corporation raising concerns that its party spokesmen are not receiving their fair share of airtime at a time when they are neck and neck with the Tories in opinion polls. As a result they have 'struggled to get their message across'.

This sort of attack on the BBC is standard fare and does tend to have an effect, albeit for a limited period of time. However, perhaps tha Labour Party need to look elsewhere for their failure to communicate rather than seeking to shoot the messenger.

After all it is difficult to deliver an effective opposition when both your key figures and what you are trying to say have no credibility.
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