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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Huhne should accept defeat and move on

Today's Independent carries the reassuring news that the Government has lost its bid in the Court of Appeal to cut subsidies for solar panels on homes.

They say that three appeal judges have unanimously upheld a High Court ruling that Energy Secretary Chris Huhne lacks the power to introduce the controversial "retrospective" scheme.

Despite this Mr Huhne remains defiant and has confirmed that he will seek to appeal to the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land.

Most people accept that the current tariff is too high and even those benefiting from the scheme were planning for it to be cut back in April. However, the Government has jumped in with both feet, preempted their own consultation and slashed the amount they subsidise small scale renewable generation by more than anticipated, before the deadline for comments.

It is commonsense that due process has not been followed and that the Government is in the wrong. That is why the courts keep ruling against them. Surely the right decision now is to accept that verdict and go back to the drawing board.

Chris Huhne needs to move on. I do not believe that he can justify spending yet more public money on lawyers to pursue this issue.
I can't blame those challenging the minister's decision for doing so, but there's something wrong in a system where government can't simply make straightforward executive decisions.
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