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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Double standards for Welsh Government

Welsh Ministers have been fairly consistent of late in berating local councils for allegedly failing to collaborate to save the public money. However, today's Western Mail points out their own record is far from perfect.

It seems that when the Welsh Government built their new £21 million offices in Aberystwyth, next door to those of Ceredigion Council, they declined to work with the local authority so as to save money. This was despite the fact that the two sets of offices were conceived as 'twins' with staff expected to share facilities such as the canteen and meeting facilities.

Instead the Welsh Government went it alone on the grounds of security and the desire to maintain a distinct identity. In fact their office block cost 40% more to build even though the two were meant to be identical. It is little wonder that charges of hypocrisy are bring directed at the Government.

Do not be surprised if, the next time Ministers try and lecture local Councils, they are told to put their own house in order first and told that they could actually learn a lot from the way local authorities like Ceredigion conduct their procurement exercises.
I hope it's an improvement on the way that they conduct some of their planning decisions.
That is appalling. One would hope that a LibDem Welsh government would not make the same mistake.

The building doesn't look particularly energy-efficient either - all that glass.
Probably Pilkington K glass, you know the expensive stuff!

I feel a FoI request coming on!
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