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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Carwyn's foreign policy

Just a thought: As the Welsh First Minister is now running his own foreign policy with regards to Europe, would he like to step in and intervene in the case of Pembrokeshire-raised Bradley Manning as well?
How about the First Minister getting to grips with the Welsh economy - ya knows, the economy that has already 'won the race to the bottom'. cw
CW should realise by now, the more social deprevation there is in Wales the more likely the electorate are to vote Labour.
Anon (9:29 PM)> so very sad, but also so very true :(
I thought that William Keegan's comment in yesterday's Observer that reaction to Cameron's veto has been little short of hysterical from some quarters said it all really. The UK is in fact the Eurozone's biggest trading partner ahead of China and in front of the USA. Germany exports £20 billion more to the UK than it imports each year. They need us as well as we need them. The sensible politician's reaction to the recent events in Europe would have been to wait to see how events pan out.
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