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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Spoof Twitter accounts

As the last couple of days has been all about Twitter for me, I thought this item on the Wales on-line site was particularly apt.

They have highlighted ten spoof twitter sites, some of which are funny whilst others are in rather bad taste. Number one naturally, is a Welsh Twitter spoof focussing on Business, Enterprise, Technology and Skills Minister, Edwina Hart.

They say that RedwinaHartski is just about the funniest of all the Welsh sham Twitter accounts out there, making light of the Business and Enterprise Minister’s left-wing credentials. It describes Mrs Hart, who recently said she “regrets capitalism”, in Stalinist terms as the “Commissar for Business and Enterprise in SSR of Wales”.

Among the missives fired off from the account include an update to her 270-odd followers that she’s “enjoying a coffee at Tsarbucks”.

Subtly highlighting the irony of a leftist heading up Wales’ business policies, Redwina was keen to comment on the recent “Occupy Cardiff” protest by anti-capitalists.

“As Minister in charge of business, I support wholeheartedly the #OccupyCardiff protest aiming to stop me having to meet any businessmen,” she tweeted.

Also featured is Carwyn Jones in an account called Carwynsitting. This account has been quiet of late, last posting in July, though the description of the First Minister as “part time First Minister of Wales, part time popular BBC weatherman” is a non-too-subtle reference to the apparent inter-changeability of Carwyn with Derek Brockway.

My favourite tweet from this account is: my welsh gov will call for devolution of energy from small streams and puddles to Wales. Rivers and waterfalls to remain Westminster issue
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