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Friday, November 04, 2011

Problems with the bins

First it was Oliver Letwin dumping confidential documents in a park bin, now we learn that Business Secretary Vince Cable has apologised 'unreservedly' after confidential documents were discovered in bins left outside his constituency office.

In Vince's case the paper says that unshredded paperwork, including correspondence from ministers and letters which contained personal details of his constituents, were found dumped in transparent recycling bags outside the Liberal Democrat's Richmond and Twickenham HQ over a nine month period. Clearly, this is a problem with the way that work is processed in his office which he has said that he will address. There really is no comparison.

However, what is most bizarre about this story is that acording to the journalist an unidentified local resident began collecting the hoard of sensitive documents from the office's recycling bags in February this year before handing them to a local newspaper. Surely, that is theft. Why does the Telegraph not address that issue?
Bins are what councils should be bothered with, that is the raison d'etre of local authorities, should not be concerned with development plans but emptying bins
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