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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Paper-free democracy

The Welsh Assembly has striven to be paper-free but it seems they still have a lot to learn the Dutch Senate.

According to this article they have decided to distribute meeting documents to its 75 Senators by tablet computer:

At the start of the first session after the summer recess, the Senators each received an iPad with an application (App) designed especially for the Senate. The Members of the Senate can use this modern communication tool to consult and manage the complete information flow of calendars, legislative bills, parliamentary correspondence and other meeting documents.

Perhaps we need to get the Welsh Assembly's ICT system more stable before embarking on such an adventurous departure from tradition.
And move to open standards and open source? The National Assembly has a duty to ensure that its documentation remains readable in 100 years time, if you use non open standard and propitiatory software then your file formats will not be accessible in the future. What is the National Assembly doing to future proof its electronic records?
Blooming hell can you imagine all those ipads left on a certain page in taxi's or trains. no no I'm not saying laptops with detailed information for the people gosh no.....
Thank heavens a Government has taken this step, every Government will follow I'm sure. Leaving paper around or dumping it insecurely is not unusual these days, much more secure to be able to access information by using passwords. You can be sure that a copy of very important information will still be kept in paper form !
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