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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hacks and hacking

If one thing has become clear from the Leveson Inquiry, it is that the unsaid understanding by many people that the illegal interception of voicemails was "much more widespread" than just the News of the World.

The Independent reports that Mark Lewis, who represents some of the victims of phone-hacking, told the Inquiry into press standards that illegally accessing the phones of celebrities and other people in the news was "too easy to do" for journalists:

He suggested that reporters, at least initially, thought of the practice as no worse than driving at 35mph in a 30mph zone.

Mr Lewis said the News of the World was the paper caught out hacking phones because its private detective, Glenn Mulcaire, kept such detailed records.

He told the inquiry: "In a way, I feel sorry for the News of the World, or certainly the News of the World's readers.

"Because it was a much more widespread practice than just one newspaper.

"It was just simply that their inquiry agent, Glenn Mulcaire, had written things down and kept the evidence.

"The fact that evidence doesn't exist in written form doesn't mean to say that the crime didn't happen."

This inquiry is going to open our eyes to many journalistic abuses, which it will hopefully translate into recommendations for action. Balancing those with the need to retain the freedom and independence of the press is the big challenge.
I happen to think that the indignities suffered by seniors under homecare etc. deserves far more attention than some hacking. The situation for many of these affected seniors is so severe they want to die. Treated like 'meat'.
I'd be far more interested on what the LibDems are asking for in budget talks.

For me- slash health and increase money for Econ/Trans as well as Education. Really, I would be quite comfortable with a massive axe to the Health Service- I work within it, and I am gobsmacked I am still being employed as my role, REALLY isn't that necessary! If I was given the role of H.M I could immediately save £100k, and imagine if that could be replicated in every department in each hospital? and no before you ask, I am not on the clinical side of things.
and just to add! I hope both LD and Plaid hold out- so that we can force a GE and get Labour out!
The points raised by Anon above are all relative; we do live in a society that doesn't really give a tinkers cuss about Seniors, I would agree with him that they are just treated like "meat"; there are still huge wastage in the NHS in Wales, this is due to poor management.... savings could be made in the NHS by just having the hospitals that little bit colder, and turning off PC at the switch at the back...

Back onto the point of this blog, Hacking...Art 8 of the ECHR does state that individuals have a right to respect for one's "private and family life, his home and his correspondence", so I would say that the NotW journalists & those journalists of the other newspapers mentioned should stand trail in Strasbourg!
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