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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Funding political parties continued

Given that Nick Clegg gave a clear signal only last week that it is impossible to ask taxpayers to provide more money to fund political parties during this a time of austerity it is difficult to see where exactly today's report from the Committee on Standards in Public Life is going to go.

Following a 15 month inquiry they have recommended that an extra £23 million a year of taxpayers' money, the equivalent of 50p per voter, should be used to fund political parties as part of an effort to clean up the system. This would then enable a £10,000 cap on individual donations and restrictions on trade union funds.

Committee Chair, Christopher Kelly has at least acknowledged that his committee's findings will not make "comfortable reading" for the political parties, but added: "We think they are nonetheless justified.":

Launching the report, he said: "The issue of party funding cannot be shelved until the next scandal brings it to the fore.

"All three main parties now depend on large donations from a very small number of rich individuals or organisations for the funds necessary for their survival.

"This cannot be healthy for democracy."

Mr Kelly called on party leaders to show the "political courage" to adopt his proposals to clean up party funding.

He warned: "For as long as the system remains as open to corruption as the present arrangements, the possibility of another scandal will remain.

"Trust is very hard-won and easily lost."

Despite all that, and the very strong case to adopt these reforms, it is hard to see how this report will avoid doing anything but end up on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.
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