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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Calm down, calm down!

David Cameron follows the tradition set by many of his predecessors today in criticising the bear pit that is Prime Minister's Question Time.

The Telegraph reports on the Prime Minister's interview with Grazia magazine in which he attacks the "gladiatorial, testosterone-charged" atmosphere of the occasion. He describes it as the most "unpleasant-looking thing that I have to do every week":

"It is confrontational, adversarial and quite difficult to be anything else unless you want to get completely squashed by the other side," he said. "I think that sometimes you can come across in a way that you don’t mean to, that’s not the real you. You come across as a macho, aggressive male and I think that’s what PMQs tends to push you in to."

Will he be telling Ed Miliband to 'calm down, dear' next time in an effort to ensure that more light than heat is generated in future?
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