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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Abuse of the day

This morning's Western Mail reports that a prospective Plaid Cymru candidate who lives within my region has withdrawn plans to stand for election after posting some dodgy jokes about Raoul Moat on Facebook and Twitter.

Apparently, he does not like me either, describing me as dull, humourless and tedious. You would think he had actually met me.
The last line is a nice line, Peter.

However, I do think that this piece is a bit pathetic by Shipton. Raoul Moat jokes are par for the course, frankly, and calling you a tw*t is fair enough. Who complained to daddy Shipton, Peter?
No idea. First I knew was when i read it in the Western Mail.
Prehaps we should look at the last piece of the Western Mail "Scoop"

"Mr Marshall, who confirmed he was still a Plaid member, said: “I was only planning to stand for Pontycymmer Community Council. I’m a very busy man and with my work commitments don’t think I could do it.”

A Plaid spokesman said: “Mr Marshall has not been selected as a candidate for next year’s council elections. No candidates have yet been selected in his area.”

So a Non story then If this is the best political exposure the WM can come up with God help us.
Perhaps the Western Snail should be taken over by WG?
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