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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Short memories - a rant!

Perhaps it is me. Maybe I have the sort of geeky brain that stores irrelevant facts that others have long forgotten. But what is all the fuss about Nick Bourne's statement on Radio Wales last Sunday, that the Welsh Conservatives once considered changing their name?

It is hardly news. After all it happened in 2002 and was widely reported in the Western Mail and the Daily Post amongst others, as is evidenced here and here.

Despite that the Western Mail carries a piece by its political reporter, Matt Withers in which he claims that Murdo Fraser’s call for a separate Scottish Conservative Party 'led to us finding out something not widely known before – that a conversation about changing the name of the party once took place, albeit fleetingly, in the Welsh Conservatives.'

Don't these reporters read their own paper? Can they not use Google? Surely the role of any good scrutineer is to safeguard and access our collective memory so that they can use past events and statements to test the future policies of government and political parties. Isn't that one of the roles of a journalist? Honestly, the place is going to the dogs.
I wonder who sold the mineral rights of the south Wales Coalfields to Eden Energy?
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