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Thursday, September 08, 2011

MP goes missing

I am quite intrigued by this article on the BBC website about 73 year old Middlesborough MP, Sir Stuart Bell.

They carry allegations that he does not have an office in his constituency, rarely raises local matters in the House of Commons and has not held a surgery for 14 years. Despite that people keep re-electing him:

The Evening Gazette in Middlesbrough has raised fresh questions after it said it made 100 phone calls to him without anyone answering:

The newspaper reported: "He says he meets with members of the public by appointment instead, and says people can reach him at any time by telephone.

"To test the claim, the Gazette has been making daily calls to Sir Stuart's Westminster office and Middlesbrough home over the course of several months.

"Despite making a total of 100 calls, no one ever answered."

Sir Stuart told the BBC that he was he was puzzled by the claims.

"We have absolutely no record of this person calling. It is a total mystery to me," he said.

"We do have answer machines because we get so many calls but every call that is made and every message that is left is responded to.

"We have three staff who work full-time on handling constituency matters - letters, emails, text messages, personal interviews.

"I meet people every Friday in Middlesbrough, I go to their homes, I'm on the council estates."

The Labour MP is now to be called in to meet Ed Miliband to discuss the allegations. I would love to be a fly on that wall.
I'm not sure if you have seen this but the Conservative candidate for Middlesborough made a documentary of his election campaign. http://www.toryboythemovie.com/ToryBoy_The_Movie/ToryBoy_The_Movie.html
The Indy describes him as a former barrister who holds the Legion d'honneur and has written a book of "erotic fiction" This is entitled "Paris Sixty-Nine", I believe.

Older readers will remember his vigorous defence of those accused (and acquitted) of child sex abuse on Teesside.
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