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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Clarkson best ignored (on all levels)

As a loud-mouthed attention-seeking media tart, Jeremy Clarkson is rivalled by only a handful of so-called celebrities. Today's Wales on Sunday report on his latest prnouncement is true to form.

According to the paper he has come under fire for appearing to call for the abolition of the Welsh language. They quote an article he wrote lambasting the Welsh language, saying it provides a “maypole around which a bunch of hotheads can get all nationalistic”.

No doubt this will produce yet another round of condemnations, and I do not blame those who wish to respond in this way. The comment is complete nonsense, but really is it worth getting into a lather over? On the other hand surely it is time to put Clarkson out to pasture.
Its a bit hypocritical when he's one of the worst nationalist of any kind!
So what, I just can't get ruffled over what any celeb says about the Welsh language - are we so defensive about the Welsh language that we have to puff up to show stupid indignation. "Get over it already." Jeremy Clarkson likes being an ass, a funny ass. Why give him the pleasure of being miffed at what he wrote? "I say, we don't like the Welsh language, we love it". (Based on a line by 10cc). cw
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