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Monday, August 22, 2011

The uncharitable Guardian

I have blogged before about Prince Charles using his position to secure privileged access to Government Ministers so as to promote his own agenda. I do not dispute Charles' right to hold a point of view or even to express it publicly but I do find the abuse of privilege indefensible from someone who is not elected or accountable for his actions.

However, this morning's Guardian is woefully wide of the mark when it starts to target Prince Charles' charities for lobbying government ministers and senior officials to change policies on politically sensitive topics including VAT rates and regional development spending.

After all that is their job and they are not, as far as I can see, using privileged access to get their message across.

A lot of charities and third sector bodies do precisely the same thing. Just because these charities are linked to Prince Charles does not mean that they should behave differently or conform to another set of rules. On this occasion the Guardian's criticism is wrong.
Charles is very political and every day he must think about turning the clock back before the English civil war where Monarchs really were Monarchs and ruled England.
The irony is Charles as an an Absolute Monarch would be pretty reasonable as leader of the country due to his astuteness and anachronistic intelligence. It must be a piece of undigested caviar in his throat every time he has to deal with people who are actually elected office, LETS TURN BACK THE CLOCK!
I can remember that naughty Rhetoric shouting out 'Cromwell' when that eloquent Prince charles was at Gloucester cathedral about twelve years ago and the Prince of Wales turning around and grinning at the comic, I watched it from the flying buttress
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