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Saturday, August 06, 2011

How do you parody Jacob Rees Mogg?

The BBC reveal that the irrepressible MP for North East Somerset, Jacob Rees Mogg is trying to close down a Twitter account set up in his name.

Posting under the name of JakeReesMogg, the so-called imposter writes about politics and cricket amongst other subjects:

Some of the tweets on the "JakeReesMogg" account, which has 1,498 followers, appear to parody the Old Etonian MP.

One reads: "Our 3 year old killed a pheasant this morning, leaving me with a terrible dilemma: What does one do with an out of season bird?"

Another tweet soon followed: "Probably worth pointing out that the three year old referred to in my previous tweet is a labrador and not a human being."

The imposter also offers words of wisdom to politicians using the microblogging site.

"My advice to any politician on twitter: Avoid unseemly spats, say nothing you may later regret and never upset the good people of Liverpool."

The question is though, how can one parody Jacob Rees Mogg? He does after all hold the distinction of being one of the few candidates to describe non-Oxbridge graduates as pot-plants and got away with it, as this video attests:

By comparison the twitter feed is actually quite dull.
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