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Monday, August 22, 2011

Fox hunting Tories miss the mark

At a time when Wales is seeking to pull itself off the bottom of the UK economic league table, when its education system is underfunded and failing international comparator tests, and when the health service is under huge financial pressure and providing worse outcomes than England on cancer and other illnesses, it is interesting to see the new Welsh Tory Leader has his finger on the pulse of the nation. Andrew R. T. Davies has chosen to major on a plea to reintroduce fox hunting.

I do not think I need to say that this is hardly the subject on most people's lips at the moment, nor would it be their first priority for Parliamentary or government time. In fact the ban on fox hunting had overwhelming backing in Wales and as far as I am aware retains that support.

It is difficult to see therefore what the Welsh Tory Leader hopes to gain by promoting a new vote so prominently, other than perhaps to shore up his support amongst a select band of people in rural communities. It is not that I am complaining. If the Welsh Tories want to make themselves even more irrelevant to the electorate then they are already then who am I to object?
I agree that the topic is not the most pressing right now but nor was the original blanket ban. Nor was the blanket ban on smoking & no-one has answered the Q I posed some time ago: why is it not OK to cull a few hundred badgers to control bovine TB but it is OK to slaughter thousands of cows that contract the disease? These bans & attitudes are not trying to seek solutions to problems. They are an opportunity for people to feel smugly self righteous & convince themselves that they actually care.
Good comments Peter. cw
Killing a few hundred badgers will not control Bovine tb.Slaughtering thousand of cattle many of whom are perfectly healthy is equally foolhardy.Suggest you read an interesting paper at WWW.RethinkBtb.org
Cold Comfort wrote
'why is it not OK to cull a few hundred badgers to control bovine TB but it is OK to slaughter thousands of cows that contract the disease?'
Could cold comfort please provide scientific evidence to substantiate this statement
when there is evidence to show that such a cull will most probably INCREASE the incidence of TB rather than CONTROL it.
It needs to go to a Consultation offered by the Assembly, as is what happened with the badger Cull, the people in a democracy deciding rather than landowners who are also assemlby members, the outcome will be around 80:20 against fox hunting
Yes, leave the Tories alone for a few minutes and they'll bring back fox-hunting and blame the H&S laws for riots in the streets!
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