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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Death of the silly season?

With all the newspapers dominated by the very serious consequences of the riots of which, more later, it is little wonder that many of them are heralding the end of the silly season. After all, what news editor even has room for the traditional holiday fillers?

The Wales on Sunday is no exception with columnist, David James pronouncing that "The silly season - beloved by tabloid newspapers, growers of unusually shaped vegetables and the owners of humungous pets - has died."

How fortunate then that Wales' very own Sunday paper has the exclusive on such hard news stories as "Henson faces tough decision in TV dating show", "Girls from Wales can now claim to be the most beautiful around", "Massages for civil servants", "Was it Jack Dai Ripper", "Oh Mein Gott...It's Her Hitler!", "Love..from Dud to Stud", "Wacko Jacko still alive", "Wales' National football team has been left out in the virtual wilderness - after being snubbed again by the makers of a flagship computer game", and "My secret weight war".

But who am I to complain? It is why I buy it.
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