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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A tidy desk

I have to say that everytime I go into the BBC offices in the Welsh Assembly they are all hard at work and not all of them have tidy desks. However, according to this morning's Western Mail all of this could just be an illusion put in place to fool me and other visitors.

The paper says that dozens of BBC Wales journalists have been told to tidy their desks, archive old tapes and fill in expenses forms over the summer, instead of working on programmes:

A whistle-blower who works at Broadcasting House in Cardiff claims that bizarre BBC rules have made it too expensive for many programmes to use staff journalists who have spare capacity over the summer.

Last night the BBC acknowledged the authenticity of a manager’s internal e-mail leaked to the Western Mail that appears to back up the claim, but said the controversial rules would be contributing to 15% production cuts over a five-year period.

Like other politicians I will be too busy over the recess of course to be able to check. I will need to rely on the Western Mail and their source for updates.
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