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Friday, July 29, 2011

Lembit on the Liberal Democrats

To be fair to Lembit Öpik he is a good communicator when he tries as this article on Alex wilcock's blog makes clear.

Alex is a London Liberal Democrat and has asked the four contenders for the party's nomination as London Mayor the same questions. He has subsequently published all four answers. I do not need to be so balanced. I have set out Lembit's response below because I think it is the most impressive of the four:

What do the Lib Dems uniquely stand for?

The Lib Dems' unique quality giving a voice to the voiceless, and defending citizens against conformity and ignorance. Other parties tend towards being authoritarian, and a blown by fashion to make knew jerk policy in crises. the Lib Dems at their best resist those superficial tendencies and cherish freedom and fair distribution of wealth in the party's political heart.

Why should people vote Lib Dem?

People who care about righting the wrongs of financial and power imbalance in our communities should vote Lib Dem. People who believe politics can stand up for those who do not enjoy great wealth or political might should vote Lib Dem. Quite simply, if you're someone who cares about people, not just yourself, the Lib Dems are the natural and logical choice.

This is not an endorsement.
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