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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Important decisions

It has been a really important day, mostly dominated by the vote later this afternoon on whether to reinstate Aled Roberts to the Assembly. However, whatever happens in that vote the important decisions that need to be taken for Wales will be outside of the Senedd.

These decisions are foreshadowed by Carwyn Jones' meeting today with the Chancellor of the Exchequer regarding the Barnett formula and the forthcoming Calman-style review of the way that the Assembly is funded and related tax issues.

There was a debate on a cross-party motion in the Assembly yesterday which will hopefully demonstrate solidarity on these issues to the Treasury. Next week the UK Cabinet meet in Cardiff and the Prime Minister will be addressing the Assembly. Let us hope that it is good news, that the Barnett floor, guaranteeing a certain level of funding, is agreed separately and that the terms of reference for the review are as wide as possible.

It is time the Assembly took responsibility for its own budgets and that means introducing greater fiscal accountability for the Welsh Government, as well as giving them the tools to influence the Welsh economy. Those are the really important decisions that will be taken over the next few weeks.

But a very good and interesting article re-the Badger.

This might seem spiteful, but I for one am glad that Dixon is being replaced by another Lib-Dem from the regional list.
Chris Wood
To the first anonymous comment:
I read elsewhere that the badger article in the IoS was 'puerile tosh' and I agreetroadless
Justv checked my comment - should have ended 'and I agree fully'.
No idea how 'troadless' appeared.
What puzzles me is why candidates have to relinquish important public office positions BEFORE they are elected. Surely it would be better if candidates resign such posts only if they are elected?
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