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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What will new Government do on the badger cull?

There was an interesting exchange in Plenary today in which one of the new Plaid Cymru AMs demanded to know whether the Welsh Government planned to go ahead with his party's plans for a badger cull in North Pembrokeshire. It seems that Plaid has learnt nothing from this controversy at all and intend to continue pressing for an poorly-evidenced solution that cost their own Minster thousands of votes last month.

As the BBC reports Carwyn Jones was coy on the subject. He refused to say if his government will go ahead with the cull.

He said instead that Labour will base their policy of wiping out bovine TB on science, as set out in their manifesto:

"The government's pledge is to consider the science regarding bovine TB," said Mr Jones in response to a question by Plaid Cymru's Llyr Huws Gruffydd.

"This is something that we look at continually, every week, every month to see what the most effective way of dealing with bovine TB is, which is a problem for a lot of dairy farmers in Wales."

Although the BBC refer to the new Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Alun Davies as a supporter of the cull, he does not in fact have resposnibility for bovine TB. That baton is firmly in the hands of new Environment Minister, John Griffiths.

John Griffiths is due to give a statement on this issue in Plenary on Tuesday 21 June. I have no idea what he will say but if he is serious about basing policy on science then surely there must be a u-turn. Perhaps those who feel as strongly as I do on this issue should start lobbying him in advance of his Plenary appearance.
Cows should be vaccinated, not kill animals that have been infected by cows in the first place
Ffarm Glasplant, a large dairy farm located about one mile from the border of the Badger Killing Zone is having a n OPEN DAY this Sunday 12 June. Members of the public and the farming community regardless of where they live will be allowed to bring their vehicles on and roam around this farm. There is no advice on disinfecting requirements on the advertisement. Is this what is meant by Biosecurity? You couldn't make it up.
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