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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tony Blair wades in

Just when Ed Miliband thought that he could move on from his recent internal party problems, Labour's most successful leader wades in with some good advice.

Today's Sun contains an interview with Tony Blair that will make very uncomfortable reading for the current leader of the opposition:

Mr Blair said embattled Mr Miliband would be WRONG to pull back from his own forward-looking philosophy, WRONG to shift from the centre ground of politics and is WRONG to declare the days of New Labour were over.

And in another move that will infuriate the rookie Labour leader's inner team, Mr Blair insisted PM David Cameron's keystone health and education reforms were RIGHT.

Where the Labour opposition will feel most uncomfortable however is in Mr. Blair's assessment of the current government's policies:

Turning to the Coalition, he said plans for the NHS and schools - bitterly opposed by the current Labour leadership - were in fact continuations of his own policies.

He said: "I think some of the technical aspects of reform - competition in the NHS, putting the patient first, breaking up the traditional state school system in favour of academies and trust schools - these were things we started.

What is the betting that Mr. Blair's words are quoted back at Ed Miliband at some stage in the House of Commons?
Thank god I decided not to vote Liberals you keep showing your Tory roots
I am intrigued as to how former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair's endorsement of coalition government policies amounts to our showing 'Tory roots'. Please elaborate.
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