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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stand off at Westminster

This morning's Western Mail reports that the governments in Westminster and Wales are locked in a stand-off, after First Minister Carwyn Jones made an impassioned demand for powers over energy projects.

I happen to support the devolution of power over energy to the Welsh Government as do the Welsh Liberal Democrats. However, if yesterday's refusal was a 'slap in the face' for Wales it will not be the first one on this issue. In fact previous Welsh Governments have made similar requests and been refused by the Labour UK Government.

It is only when Carwyn Jones was painted into a corner by his own policies on wind farms that he became 'impassioned' on this issue, in an attempt to displace blame for the problems caused by TAN8 to rural and urban communities alike.

Whereever the decision is taken on large energy projects they will be based around the planning framework that the Welsh Government has put in place for such projects. If Carwyn is serious about helping out then he will review that policy as a matter of urgency.
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