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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Royal Ascot and the drugs amnesty

Normally drugs and horse racing only exist in crime thrillers, where a less-favoured animal is given some substance to make it perform better. However, according to today's Telegraph the real world has intruded onto the sport of Kings in a very different way.

The paper says that organisers of Royal Ascot have installed drugs amnesty boxes to encourage racegoers to dispose of illegal substances before entering the course. They have positioned white boxes at the turnstiles, into which punters can place drugs with no questions asked:

The move comes amid a police crackdown on drug-taking at the five-day event. Officers with sniffer dogs have been patrolling the grounds to identify spectators carrying narcotics.

The initiative saw two people arrested on suspicion of possessing cocaine on the first day of the Berkshire meeting, which is attended by the Queen and members of the royal family.

What is the world coming to?
From personal experience, the most destructive drug on offer at Royal Ascot this week is gambling.
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