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Saturday, June 04, 2011

The republican dilemma

Plans by a number of Plaid Cymru Assembly Members to boycott the offical opening of the Welsh Assembly on Tuesday have made the headlines as they intended.

Leanne Wood, Bethan Jenkins and Llyr Huws Gruffydd are planning on carryng out a series of visits and other engagements instead of taking their seats for the ceremony that will mark the start of the ability of Assembly Members to make laws in our own right.

There is no doubt that the trio are sincere and as a republican myself I understand why they do not support an unelected monarchy presiding over an elected Parliament. However, that did not stop them taking the oath of allegiance to the Queen, nor does it prevent them serving as a member of a body that constitutionally takes its authority from the crown and whose laws have to be approved by the monarch, no matter how academic that approval may be.

Nor can they deny that the monarchy enjoys majority support amongst Welsh people, who expect their elected politicians to represent them at events such as this. Irrespective of my personal views my duty on Tuesday is to be in the Assembly representing my constituents at the official opening and celebrating the birth of a new phase of Welsh democracy.
It is this kind of student level politicking by Plaid that has driven me to ridicule them from time to time when they act like they are still in college. 'Grow up already', but I should point out that I have a great deal of admiration for the Deputy Mayor of Cardiff; Neil is a great guy and a great thinker and is dedicated to building up the Welsh economy. (PS Yes, I know he's marrying 'Bee Jay'). ChrisWood - grew up on 'the projects' as they call them in the USA, e.g., Trowbridge and Lansbury Park council estates and let's not forget the monster size one on the East side of London. I know what it means for Welsh families torn between staying close to extended families in Wales and moving far away in search of work, and that is why I can't abide that part of Plaid that would rather engage in student politics than work on generating a decent indigenous job creation sector in Wales c/o the private sector of industry.
I think there should be a protest that elected members are required to be loyal to the crown, not the state. Plaid may be indulging in student politics, but the whole thing is based in medieval politics!

What is the Monarchy so afraid of?
These school children politicians people in Plaid Cymru are totally pathetic!
Two weeks ago "Anglophobia" died in Cork City, Ireland. A Sinn Fein Mayor at Cashel in the Republic of Ireland shook the Queen's hand, whilst warmly greeting her as an equal.
When Republican things were kicking off in the sixties and eighties in Wales these school kid politicians - Leanne Wood & Bethan Jenkins & Llyr Gruffudd were literally not even born. To cap it all Llyr Grufudd's family grovelled to be Mayors of Carmarthen Town (Parish) Council for years as a self given hereditary pseudo dynasty right. These three sicken me with their hypocrisy. Grow up the three of you or resign as politicians.
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