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Monday, June 13, 2011

Most efficacious in every way

The impact of the Liberal Democrats in Government has once more been underlined this morning with a major success in removing the worst aspects of the NHS reforms in England. However, as the Daily Telegraph says, this is not the only area in which we have influenced the Government agenda for the better.

The paper says that the Prime Minister has also retreated on a plan to cap state welfare handouts at £26,000 a year, on Council refusals to bring back weekly bin collections and in the fact that the reduction in the number of foreign students will now be half the figure previously indicated.

Nick Clegg's hard work on this needs to be acknowledged. He has ensured that the Liberal Democrats are nobody's poodle but instead are ensuring that their bite in government is potent and effective.
I see it slightly different the Tories are without doubt trying to satisfy all sections of the public, Labours doing the same with the council house speech and the hitting of benefit scroungers whom ever they are, and of course labour mates the Bankers.

Both Tories and labour are are out to try and make people think they care, whether Clegg has anything to do with this maybe he has maybe he has not.

For me being disabled at this moment I'd not vote for anyone .

It's a new world in which welfare , social housing and the NHS are tools in the political world, as always.
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