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Saturday, June 11, 2011

More on Ed Balls

It may all be ancient history to Ed Balls, who is quoted this morning as lamenting the publication of his private papers for 'political motives', but the revelations contained within the documents serve as a useful reminder for just how strife-ridden and useless Labour were.

The latest insight is a document by civil servants urging spending restraint from the Labour government in 2006. The file was written when Tony Blair was PM and Mr Balls was a backbencher.

The BBC say that this latest document, published by the Telegraph put forward ideas for savings ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review of 2http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif007. It suggested that departmental spending increases above inflation ought to become the exception not the rule. The Conservatives claim this advice was "recklessly" ignored.

Meanwhile, the Guardian says it has obtained a final draft of a speech that former foreign secretary David Milband planned to deliver if he had won the Labour leadership race instead of his brother, Ed:

The paper says he would have told Labour's conference that the party's greatest danger lay in underestimating the challenge of the deficit, and that it was vital to regain the public's trust on the economy.

The Labour narrative that all the country's economic ills are the fault of the coalition govenrment and that spending cuts are unnecessary and ideological, is starting to come apart at the seams.
Guido Fawkes suggests that Damian McBride is responsible for passing on Ed Balls' papers, but could it be his missus Yvette Cooper, who must be peeved at not getting a better shadow cabinet job?
I think Ball's now thinks he is ready to make a move on Miliband who looks a nice bloke, but like his brother David are two people very much like Brown think they were born to rule, and they might be right, but a country not a hope in hell.
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