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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Larry feels the cold hard steel of a policeman's boot

David Cameron may be having enough problems keeping his government on message but on Thursday he fell victim to a stunt by the most wilfull member of his own household.

The London Evening Standard report that Larry the Downing Street cat almost ruined one of the Prime Minister's carefully constructed public relations stunts:

The Prime Minister, sitting in a Mini Cooper outside No 10, was due to thank BMW chairman Norbert Reithofer for £500 million invested in the Mini factory in Cowley, Oxfordshire.

But minutes before Mr Reithofer arrived, Larry chose to make a foray outside the famous black door. The four-year-old tabby dodged political aides and scampered around, causing a furore in front of photographers.

Eventually a police constable grabbed the feline and escorted him inside - with a friendly kick.

Larry has a bit of a reputation for being feisty. The paper says that he famously lashed out at ITN reporter Lucy Manning, scratching her four times.
Yes, Larry did make several appearances on the news channels. I saw him on BBC News where a policeman picked up him, move him away from the Mini, placed him on the ground and he instantly ran underneath the car and settled down for a doze.
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