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Friday, June 03, 2011

The incredible cost of office supplies

According to this morning's Daily Telegraph, the Government is planning to save up to £10 billion by rationalising its procurement policies, particularly in the area of office supplies.

Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude, has claimed that improvements have already saved £1 billion in 2010/11. He estimates that another £2 billion of savings will be made this year and next. In 2013/14 and the following year, savings will reach £3 billion meaning that total savings in the current four-year spending round would be around £10 billion.

Public bodies have been paying as little as £350 and as much as £2,000 for the same laptop, he said. Prices paid for identical printer cartridges varied from £85 to £240.

Under the new system, all central government bodies will be able to order three different sorts of office notebook, instead of the dozens of different colours, sizes and types currently being purchased.

Incredible! I will certainly look upon Staples in a different light after this.
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