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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hain vs Miliband? Confusion reigns

At roughly the same time as Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, Peter Hain announces that Labour must abandon the “control freakery” which dogged the Blair and Brown governments, Ed Miliband proposes that he wants to change his party's rules so that he can choose who he wants to sit in the shadow cabinet.

The Labour leader has decided his party's MPs should lose the right they currently have to elect the party's top team every two years because he believes that shadow cabinet elections distract Labour from holding the government to account and preparing the party for power.

Of course such a move would also increase the power of patronage available to the Labour party leader and help avoid the inconvenience of sitting with shadow ministers who are not entirely convinced of his fitness to lead. Perhaps Ed and Peter Hain need to talk so as to coordinate their messages better.

Then again, as Peter Hain failed to get elected in the last Shadow Cabinet Elections and relied on Ed Miliband co-opting him to his current post, maybe he takes a different view. I await his statement with interest.
I suspect Hain, Mandy, David, and to some degree Blair are all a bit p*ssed to be out of the frame, as for poor old Brown he is just happy to try and explain to the world the banking crises was not my faulkt can I have a job with the MFI, or Asda.

Miliband I suspec knows the job is a little bit bigger then he expected and the Knifes are getting sharper and the aim is getting better. he should speak to brown
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