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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Croeso i Gymru

Welsh Premier League on your Doorstep!
Well done Peter - it's nice to know that you have a sense of humour unlike many of the so called "Republican" Plaid Cymru school pupil politicians who are unfortunately Assembly Members. Whilst on the subject of signage:-
A48 going east from the Irish Ferry Ports of Fishguard & Pembroke Dock - the roads East only direct drivers and tourists to St Clears and M4;
Heads of the Valleys road south west only point to Neath;
The M4 going West from the Severn Bridge points mostly to Cardiff and Port Talbot.
The main road south out of Brecon points only to Llandovery.
So on.
Few trunk road signs point to Swansea.
Will our AMs and MPs campaign for Trunk roads to recognise that Swansea City, home of Premier League Football, and a major Welsh city run by a wonderful Lib Dem & Independent City Council exists?
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