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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Wayne's World

There cannot be a more bizarre story during this election campaign than a Labour MP admitting to a national newspaper that he has been removing Plaid Cymru stakeboards from residents' gardens.

The Western Mail says that Plaid Cymnru has made a formal complaint to Gwent Police about the actions of Caerphilly MP Wayne David, the Shadow Minister for Europe:

Yesterday, a resident of Bargoed claimed Mr David had knocked on her door on Saturday and told her that neighbours found the Plaid placard in her garden “offensive”. He also suggested, she said, that it was “illegal”.

“I didn’t want any trouble and let him take it away,” said the resident, who did not wish to be named.

At the time she had not recognised Mr David, but later identified him from a photograph on his website. Other sightings of Mr David with Plaid placards and stakes have also been reported to the police.

Mr David told the Western Mail: “There has been a disproportionately large number of Plaid stakes put up in the Rhymney Valley and we have had reports that Plaid have been putting them up in gardens without permission from residents.

“We have also been knocking at the doors of people with Plaid placards who our records tell us are Labour supporters, asking whether they have any political issues. In some cases people are happy for us to take the placards away. We have only taken them away with their consent.”

Asked whether he thought it appropriate for an MP to engage in such activity, Mr David said: “Certainly. I speak to my constituents all the time and will continue to do so.”

He denied that his actions amounted to intimidation or harassment: “I am always friendly and civil to every constituent I speak to.”

Mr David said he would be making a complaint to the police about a Plaid activist who photographed him with a Plaid placard in the back of his car.

Mr David said he and other Labour activists had been responsible for removing “about 15” Plaid placards, which they intended delivering to the police.

Obviously, Labour are more worried about the Caerphilly seat than they have previously let on.
Paaaaaaaaaathetic weird Wayne!
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