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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tory Twitter Treat

The BBC report on yet another Welsh Assembly candidate who has fallen victim to the curse of Twitter.

John Broughton is ranked ninth on the Conservative list in North Wales and has little chance of becoming a member of the assembly. However, that has not stopped him from using the social media site to criticise Prime Minister David Cameron and Welsh party leader Nick Bourne. He also tweeted on Plaid Cymru candidates, calling Heledd Fychan odd and Helen Mary Jones a "fruitcake".

Several of Mr Broughton's tweets over the past 12 months were critical of many prominent Welsh Conservatives' support for a Yes vote in the March referendum on assembly powers.

He posted a comment about Mr Bourne, saying "nice guy completely wrong policy" for apparently considering a coalition with Plaid Cymru.

Nice to see the Tories so united.
Please We deserve better than a Plaid or Labour governance here in Wales.
Vote Liberal Democrats on Thursday !
No one can serious consider that the Labour and Plaid co-alition has achieved what it set out to do ???
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