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Friday, May 27, 2011

Tory Leadership contender goes to the pub - shock!

And so it starts! This morning's Western Mail carries a fairly substantive article about Welsh Tory leadership contender, Nick Ramsey being barred from his local pub for being a bit lippy during a quiz.

The paper says that the Monmouthshire AM, offended Simon Key, the landlord at the Nag’s Head in Usk after the landlord claims he repeatedly heckled the quizmaster during an event in aid of the Help for Heroes charity.

Mr. Key has now written to the local Conservative Association saying he will not be renewing his party membership following the incident, which took place during the recent Assembly election campaign. In response, Mr Ramsay said he had been engaging in “typical pub quiz banter”, but apologised if he had offended anyone.

Clearly, the leadership race is hotting up. More importantly, the absense of any real policy differences betweeen the two candidates could be responsible for an increasingly personal campaign, littered with these sort of revelations.

Brace yourself for more tales of derring do in Cardiff Bay, together with the meticulous and very public dissection of each candidate's curriculum vitae. Could we even get a dispute relating to land ownership? I will go and get some popcorn.
Maybe a bit unusual. I found nick Ramsey quite a polite chap.
Blimey! The character assassinations starting already? And I thought only Labour were masters at that!
I live near Raglan and his behavior is in character. Having listened to his performance, when interviewed by Evan Davis on Radio 4's Today programme (when he couldn't distinguish bewteen cause and effect), maybe he should pursue a career as a quizmaster - I understand the Countdown host is retiring or maybe he could be a replacement for Nicholas Parsons.
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