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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mean spirited Olympic Officials spoil party for kids

I must admit that when I came across this story whilst reviewing the papers for Radio Wales this morning, I was a little shocked. According to the Sunday Express, 750 children who were born on the date that the Olympic bid was submitted and who were promised an invitation to the London games, have had their hopes dashed.

It seems that each of these children received a Promise Certificate personally signed by Lord Coe but they have now been told that the closest they are going to get to the games is involvement in the torch relay as it passes near their home town.

Parents are saying that the children were used as a gimmick to help win the bid and that they have now been discarded. They have set up a facebook page and an on-line petition to protest.

If this story is true then it seems to be very mean-spirited of the Games Organisers to act in this way. After all how much of a dent on a multi-bilion pound budget can fulfilling this promise make?
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