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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Labour adopt the Dr. Who strategm

Under the heading 'Ieuan's a grand flop - Labour' and a huge photograph of the Plaid Cymru leader with his grandkids as part of a double page spread, today's Wales on Sunday reports on the latest of a series of personal attacks by Labour on their Government's Deputy First Minister.

This time we have the Labour candidate for Llanelli, who is hardly young and dynamic himself, criticising Ieuan for portraying himself as a grandfather. He goes on: "Perhaps this is Plaid Cymru's best answer to the question people have been asking about them in this campaign - 'Don't you think they look tired?'"

This phrase is of course an adaptation of the six words that Dr. Who used to bring down Harriet Jones as Prime Minister in the 2005 Christmas Special. Clearly, somebody in the Labour camp is a fan, but are these words really as efficacious as they are portrayed? Have Labour been sucked in by their own suspension of disbelief?

We will have to see.
This is a huge indirect compliment to Russel T Davies for his originality. Or did the writer borrow the well establised phrase for artistic emphasis? Another mystery of the space-time continuum which which probably unravel in series 26.
Yep, you need young thrusting Labour types like Gwenda Thomas ;-)
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