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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The impact of deprivation on education

This morning's Observer has an interesting item on the impact of deprivation on exam results, viewed through the ability of a child to access the internet at home.

Speaking as someone who was using log tables when I took my exams, calculators were not allowed and computers were only introduced into the school the year after I left, it is difficult to grasp the role of the internet today in exam revision. However, the e-learning Foundation say that 1.2 million teenagers log on to revision pages every week and that as a result they are likely to attain a grade higher in their exams.

Conversely, they also say that a million children's exam results will be on average a grade lower than their peers because they do not have this advantage. That is very worrying and underlines the case for a pupil premium to give these youngsters more support and class time, so that they can keep up.
The first educational impact appears to be on your spelling in the title Peter!
I had to use log tables too. You tell young folk now and they won't believe you.
Why are you commenting n this sort of thing rather than on the real issue - the leadership of the LibDems?
I have no idea what you are talking about. And why dont you consider under achievement due to poverty and deprivation to be a 'real issue'?
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