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Friday, May 06, 2011

Fifty Four votes

It has been an exhausting 24 hours culminating in one of the most emotional and difficult counts I have ever been to. After having gone to the Swansea and Gower counts I travelled to Bridgend to discover that there was a significant deficit that needed to be made up if I was to be elected.

Two regional results were outstanding in Swansea West and Gower, but even though I knew that the Welsh Liberal Democrats had done well in those seats I did not think it was possible to get enough votes to make up the difference. I even went as far as to effectively concede that I might lose to the Plaid Cymru candidates and started to plan the dismantling of my office with my staff.

However, the big surprise was that I had just scraped enough votes to win, 54 out of 154,381 cast. It is a humbling experience and a huge relief. Now, we need to see how the rest of the seats fall and what will happen with regards to the next Government of Wales.
I was about to write your obituary and say some nice things about you, Peter. Now I don't have to ;-)

But well done, a win is a win, even by 54 votes.

Let me ask, did anybody request a recount? Or do different rules apply to the regional vote?
Peter Black AM. sounds good.
So happy for you, shows that even without the regional list names posted in polling stations, and all the national problems, hard work as an AM can be rewarded - also I would be sad to lose your blog! - many congratulations,
Jonathan Kirkup - Cardiff University
The Regional votes are counted by constituency and declared separately and then added up centrally before the final declaration. You can request a recount at a constituency level but by the time it gets to the reckoning it is too late as each result has already been declared.
Congratulations Peter, looking forward to seeing how Kirsty and you take the party forward. A very difficult night, but hardwork and tenacity (!) rewarded.
Good news Peter.

Glad you made it back !
Congratulations Peter,

As a lowly Lib Dem member it has cheered me up tremendously to find that after the bloody massacre that you are still standing. Hopefully your presence will give us a base line to recover in South West Wales.

Robert Matthews
Glad you made it Peter.
What you said about recounts highlights a flaw in the system, Peter. If the "total closeness" had been known, only 54 votes would certainly have justified a recount.

But that's not to take anything away from you. By a similar token, Lindsay Whittle only made it by 127 votes in South Wales East ... and that would probably justify a recount too.
Looks like Labour will go it alone with 30 .........
Well done Peter. A great relief.
Your majority is 2 less that Ed Davey got when he was first elected to Parliament. A great relief to see you back. In the context of how we have done elsewhere, containing the loss to one out of six (with particular circumstances) is a very good result. Well done Welsh LDs - and good luck over the next 4 years.

Tim Leunig
Good news peter. I alaways knew you would squeeze in again.
You may well now have the chance of being a Minister as part of a coalition.
Disappointing. Ah well ... Cardiff Central count was a blast!
I don't know you personally Peter, and whilst I have always had a big soft spot for the Lib Dems and thought it was understandable to agree to be part of a Coalition with the Cons, I have been very Very disappointed with what has followed.

But I am pleased you are still a Parliamentary voice. You always seemed to me to say what you thought and believed, but in a right way not a self-indulgent way. And publicly and openly, such as via your blog.

I doubt my faith in the Lib Dems can be rebuilt any time soon (not that I matters seeing I'm not British), but it is good to see people like yourself as individuals being able to still do what you can.
To hold your seat against the swing is surely the hardest thing: it says much for you that you did it successfully. I look forward to many more great posts too.
have been away in brittany/llydaw. scrabbling around with a tired head & body to find out about the election [my first postal vote!]. Had to chack up to see if you were still around, pleased to see you are.
Interested to see that in my region we have lost a conservative and gained a liberal democrat.
I rather hope some informal agreements - or a certain working together come out of this. I'm not too sure about these formal agreements. seem very unsatisfactory.
what next for badgers?
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