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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Don't bet your underpants on Labour winning Aberavon

Today's Wales on Sunday Spin Doctor column is proof that whatever difficulties the Welsh Liberal Democrats face as a result of going into Government, we are not boring and bland:

SPIN Doctor’s new favourite candidate in the Assembly election is Helen Clarke, the lead singer with rock band Psycho Kiss, who is standing for the Liberal Democrats in Aberavon.

“Refined to the point of perfection, the band is not above having a bit of fun on stage and improvising when the mood takes them,” gushed online music magazine 247 earlier this year.

“Just ask their drummer who managed to have his boxer shorts stolen in the middle of a set during the Garage Band War earlier this year.” Quite.

If you want to know more about the band then go here. Alternatively, just click on the video below, though the quality leaves a lot to be desired. Personally, I am a big fan.

In her day job Helen works as a caseworker for me and is married with two young children.
Unfortunately the bookies refused to take my long-johns as payment for the bet.
Great post, apart from the erroneous "though the quality leaves a lot to be desired" bit :)

well she may be Matt's fav Gal at mo but shes a 200-1 shot with Paddypower and if she was elected it would be a disaster for the maestro that has been presiding at SW west for the lib dems for the last decade.
I was just warning that the video appears to have been shot on a camera phone and the sound was not brilliant. If Helen won Aberavon the swing would be enough to get me in I am sure :)
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