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Monday, May 02, 2011

Another day another survey

One feature of this election is the huge number of surveys that candidates are receiving by e-mail from organisations around Wales. It seems that they all want us to pledge our allegiance to their cause irrespective of the fact that we have published manifestos and are commited to doing what is in them.

I suspect one of the reasons is the possibility of coalition talks after the elections, which could see some promises lost or finessed in the spirit of compromise that normally dominates such talks, in the national interest of course.

Despite that fact that all Liberal Democrats are understandably weary of making strong pledges at the moment, I have done everything possible to respond to each and every e-mail I have received, including this one from the Wales Assembly for Women.

They are understandably unhappy at the fact that only 10% of candidates have responded to them. Such a non-response well be down to survey-fatigue of course, but as we are asking people to vote for us the least we can do is to engage with them.
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