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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What not to wear

Interesting diary piece in the Daily Mail's Black Dog column today featuring the Conservative MP for Monmouthshire, David Davies, who used to represent the same constituency in the Welsh Assembly:

Old Etonian Nicholas Soames bawled out fellow Tory David Davies for wearing a short-sleeved shirt in the Commons.

Davies, who went to a Welsh comprehensive, promptly invested in a posh, double-cuff shirt and silk tie.

But Soames still found fault.

‘You’re wearing a checked shirt, man. This is the bloody House of Commons, not a ******* farmers’ market!’ he roared.

He would never have had that problem in Cardiff Bay. I wonder how Alun Cairns, who is the master of the striped/checked shirt, pin-striped suit combination is faring.
Nice to know our lords and masters are putting their energu fully into sorting out what matters ....
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