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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The return of David Miliband

Nice to see that David Miliband is making the most of his self-imposed exile from the Labour front bench. According to the Independent, the former Foreign Secretary is earning thousands of pounds from speaking engagements around the world, and is represented by the London Speaker Bureau, a company that provides high-profile speakers for conferences and events.

His other earnings come from his role as vice-chairman of the Premier League football club Sunderland, which pays £75,000 a year. In addition he receives £65,738 for his role as Member of Parliament for South Shields.

To top it all though, Mr. Miliband has recently set up a company called The Office of David Miliband. By paying all his commercial earnings into the company, he will pay 20 per cent corporation tax, rather than the 40 per cent he would pay as an individual taxpayer and save himself a very tidy sum indeed.

Isn't this the sort of behaviour that Labour has been demanding that the Government should stamp out? Just asking.
isn't Hilary Clinton working behind the scenes to book David Miliband for a series of motivational speeches for 'The President's Men". President Obama's 2012 election campaign workers. "Just asking is 'all".

C. Wood
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