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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Old style campaigning

There was a time when loudspeaker vans were a major part of any election campaign. Indeed I can recall spending a day in one during the 1981 Crosby by-election. However, nowadays more sophisticated methods such as e-mail, text messages and direct mail are the order of the day.

I was a bit surprised therefore, whilst out canvassing last night, to be overtaken by a loud speaker van. Closer listening confirmed that the occupiers were not promoting any particular candidate.

Instead the van was reminding residents that Tuesday is a black and pink day. In other words, in week two of the Council's new fortnightly refuse collection regime, residents are required to put out black bags and pink plastic recycling bags.

I am sure the Council will catch up with modern campaigning methods eventually.
Apparently, leaflets have been sent out to everyone, but no one reads them! So they originally sent the loudspeaker van out in the day, but then no one was at home.

On election day in 1983, I did my 'A' level Physics exam in the morning then cycled home to help in the campaign. I had stuck Labour stickers all over my bike. As I was cycling I turned round to see a car with a huge SDP sticker on it. As they went past they said "on your bike Labour" over the tannoy.

Later I saw the SDP candidate at one of the polling stations, and he said "oh, not that bl***y bike again."

A good bit of fun.
Peter, check out this:


Cardiff Council send out a free text the night before recyling bags are due out
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