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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

National Trust leads the way on badgers

I did not renew my membership of the National Trust when they ignored an all-member vote to ban fox-hunting on their land, however today they are back in favour with a decision to vaccinate badgers in a bovine tuberculosis "hotspot" on one of their estates in Devon, as part of a four-year scheme:

The scheme, which is to cost the trust £80,000 a year, will take place on the 6,400-acre Killerton estate in Exeter.

It aims to see if vaccination can be a viable alternative to culling badgers, which spread TB to cattle.

The work, which starts in May, will see government experts catch the animals, inject them and then catalogue them.

The trust said vaccinating badgers was a "practical step forward" after recent field studies which showed it worked to reduce TB in the wild animals.

They are leading the way in presenting a clear alternative to culling. In contrast the Plaid Cymru Rural Affairs Minister remains determined to pursue a course of action in North Pembrokeshire that will divide that community and destroy over a thousand members of a protected species unnecessarily. She needs to think again.
....and this is why I voted NO for further increases in the Powers of the Assembly!
An incredibly stupid reason to vote NO.

"It aims to see if vaccination can be a viable alternative to culling badgers,"

I thought the badger lovers already said it WAS a viable alternative. Is it or isn't it?
That quote comes from the article and presumably the National Trust press release. Vaccination is a viable alternative to culling.
The National Trust states 'that it is the proven way forward.' .....' It is not a scientific experiment.'

Wales could have led the UK if it had taken the National Trusts action But no Wales will spend a fortune on action that will not work and with the knowledge we now have, uncivilised, very divisive and barbaric.

I also voted NO. I don't think that I am stupid and what is more I don't post offensive and personal comments.
Thanks for the information Peter. Plaid certainly wont get ny vote now.
The Nation Trust proposed to WAG that they did a vaccination IAA.WAG presumably declined. What a tragic, wasted opportunity for Wales.Perhaps you can ask The Minister why!
"I also voted NO. I don't think that I am stupid and what is more I don't post offensive and personal comments."

Er....I never said YOU were stupid,nor that any person who voted "no" was stupid. I said it was a stupid REASON for voting "no". So it wasn't a personal comment was it? Surely you can see the distinction, what with your superb intelligence and all that. Why even the distinguished Mr Black himself has said it was not a reason or voting "no". Differences of opinion over policy are why we have ELECTIONS to determine who makes the decisions. That's a significantly different question to whether SOMEBODY should make the decisions. Your enormous intelligence surely comprehends that?
I know Derek Hector and he is a pretty bright guy.And he is brave enough to always show his name in like Mr Anonymous
If he's so bright, why can he not see the obvious distinction?

I don't leave my name because I am aware of the vindictiveness of the "animal rights" lobby.
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